Through their experience, acquired since 2013 on cloud technologies, iilyo engineers are starting research and development around Openstack and the creation of hopla.cloud in 2017 in support of Redhat, a major player in the development of l 'ecosystem. This strategic choice makes it possible to operate a solution that is maintained and stable by all the players in the project.

Hopla.cloud makes it possible to build and deliver complete virtual infrastructures in a few seconds, built on a specific environment as needed by the customer, or else meeting typical hosting standards such as the web, critical applications, computing servers, biotech, gaming, etc.

DevOps oriented and thought-out, hopla.cloud APIs accelerate deployments and are a major lever in the digital transformation of all types of businesses.

The hopla.cloud infrastructure is built by the talents who thought it out, imagined it and now maintains it.

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Hopla Compute

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