, or the art of the cloud that is simple but not simplistic is a clean but not empty cloud:

  • On-demand resources: on-the-fly start of instances to adapt the power required to changing needs
  • Usage monitoring: real-time visualization of the resources used by instance and by project
  • Team management: invitation of users to the platform for collaborative work in real time is a creation of the Oxeva (Groupe La Poste) teams and has fifteen years of expertise in high availability hosting. Created in 2021 by Vincent Harmin, Olivier Doucet and Gabriel Barazer (co-founders of Oxeva), is the premium and missing link in the public cloud offer made in France. A simple, but not simplistic, out-of-the-box IaaS-like cloud that allows users to consume infrastructure on demand, without getting lost in a maze of functionality. All with financial transparency: no hidden costs, the user knows when and for what he is paying.'s logo

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  • Europe
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Aller à l'essentiel n'a jamais été aussi simple

32 CPU

257.7 GB of RAM

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