Impossible Cloud

Made in Germany - Data is stored in top-tier, GDPR-compliant, ISO-certified data centers so you don’t have to invest additional resources for data storage compliance. With Impossible Cloud, you can save money and ensure data security and compliance with a single solution.

Security - Industry-leading security architecture multi-factor authentication (MFA), object lock, triple encryption, programmable identity access management (IAM), and cross-origin resource sharing (CORS). Our modern storage architecture inherently protects your data from ransomware and cyber attacks by eliminating single points of failure.

Interoperability - Impossible Cloud Storage is 100% S3 API compatible for seamless interoperability with any S3-compatible data management and backup solution. You can switch with a single line of code and continue using your existing backup scripts.

Best in class service - As a German service provider we offer prompt, personal service in German or English. We offer tailored service options to ensure our solution works seamlessly with your infrastructure. Our modern, modular architecture enables us to innovate quickly on a continuous basis, and our transparent pricing takes the guesswork out of cloud spend.

TCO - Impossible Cloud has been architected to offer the lowest storage costs in the industry. We minimize running costs by purchasing capacity in top-tier data centers, and our smart storage algorithms further minimize the storage that needs to be purchased. You’ll immediately save up to 80% of cloud storage, and our transparent pricing plans will make it easy and affordable to scale as your data needs grow.


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Cloud Storage

High-performance, outage-proof, Kubernetes-friendly, S3-compatible object storage with enterprise-grade security and support for 50-75% lower TCO.